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Don't Hurt Laurie!
This story iis about a young girl who is abused by her mother. She doesn't have any real brothers or sisters, but a step brother and a step sister. Her mom only abuses her when nobody else is around, and her husband is not there enough to notice any foul play. Laurie's mother does not abuse either of her step children, and doesn't think they know anything about her hurting Laurie. But her step brother knows what is going on and has tried to tell his...
The Kidnappers
Eleven-year-old Joey Bishop is not having a good day. First, the day before he accidentally bloodied the nose of Willie Groves, a classmate and bully. Willie vows to beat him up that afternoon. While hiding out from his enemy, Joey witnesses an apparent kidnapping with the victim being Willie! Because of Joey's previous "flights of fancy" in the imagination department, the boy cannot convince anyone of what he has seen. Neither the family chaffeur...