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The Envelope
This book doesn't really have one main character, unless it is the envelope itself. It is about the lives of four distinctly different people from different backgrounds. At the beginning, the first character, a young girl, reaches rock bottom and seemingly has no where to turn. A mysterious envelope appears on her front door. What the envelope as in it and what she does with it (passing it on to another person, who passes it on to another, etc) is the fo...
Two Summers Too Hot
This is the story of two summers in a small southern mill town in North Carolina. Allison Reynolds, the daughter of two millworkers, is searching for the respectability and wealth her parents could never give her. She tries to accomplish this by pursuing the son of the mill owner, Jack May. Twelve years later, Carter Benfield is a twelve year old boy, just out of school for the summer and looking forward to adventures with his buddies. The lives of these...