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Snow Country
Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata tells the story of Shimamura, a quiet, observant man enjoying a charmed life and who, at a snow country hotel replete with hot springs, develops an odd and intractable relationship with a Geisha named Komako. The story begins on a train, in which Shimamura is bound for a resort town in the snow country of rural Japan. He notices two passengers on the train—a woman, Yoko, who is accompanying an ill and febrile man nam...
The Master of Go
The Master of Go by Yasunari Kawabata, based on a true story, tells the story of the highest ranking Go player in all of 1938 Japan, a man named Honnimbo Shusai, as he faces off against a younger challenger named Otake over a tenuous series of months. The novel is told from the point of view of a reporter named Uragami, recounting events with a flair for embellishment. At the time in which the story opens, Honnimbo's death is announced. From then on,...
The Sound of the Mountain
The Sound of the Mountain by Yasunari Kawabata tells the tale of Ogato Shingo, an elderly, legacy-obsessed businessman in his sixties who, in his search for meaning in the twilight of his own life, ends up developing an uncomfortably close relationship with his son's wife. Shingo is married to a woman named Yasuko, the sister of his first wife. She is a year older than him, and with her they have two children, a boy and a girl—the girl has given him t...