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The Egypt Game
Melanie Ross and April Hall are two girls you would never expect to form a close friendship. April is an only child from Hollywood who has never spent much time around other kids. She wears false eyelashes, swept-up hair, and a fake feathered boa wrap. She is snooty and insecure. Her mother is trying to be a movie actress and has paid scant attention to her daughter so far in life. The book begins when her mother dumps her off with her grandmother for an...
The Headless Cupid
The Headless Cupid is the story of a new family and the adventures they run into while melding into a new home. David has long been the oldest in the family, an 11-year old who has helped care for his younger siblings (Janie, 6, and the twins Esther and Blair, 4) since their mother died. When the book opens, they are awaiting the arrival of Amanda, their new 12-year-old stepsister. Amanda is a little strange, to say the least. Her hair is braided and...