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Midnight Champagne
At the Great Lakes Chapel and Hideaway Lodge, a wedding theme resort, 22-year-old April is marrying her Nashville boyfriend. Her family and friends - and a few strangers - have gathered to witness the events, and we see various aspects of the story through a series of narrators, learning a little more each time. Marriage is the theme of the book, and we get several takes on it, from the view of April's disapproving father to that of an uninvited guest ...
Vinegar Hill
Ellen, James, and their two children have moved in with James' parents, and Ellen is unhappy. In fact, no one likes the arrangement except for James. James' parents were set in their lifestyle and didn't want the intrusion, and Ellen and the children don't want to live with them anyway. James is oblivious to his family's discomfort, or doesn't care. He is gone much of the time anyway, as a traveling salesman. Ellen is also resentful because the reas...