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The Illusionist
All her life, VALA has longed to leave the wealthy seaside tourist town of her birth, where interstellar celebrities and foreign royalty beg services from the mighty YERESUNSA ORDER of sorcerers. Unable to afford travel to foreign places, Vala sees an opportunity in MAGG, an alien merchant who promises to pay Vala for guidance to the office of a telepath. Magg requires the telepath to determine which of his employees has been embezzling from his com...
Outside the realm of Earthly experience is a universe bustling with innumerable alien life forms and galaxies yet unexplored. All living creatures and known territories belong exclusively to one species, the TORTH, who have the terrible advantage of being able to telepathically soak up knowledge. Oddly bearing a surface resemblance to humanity, Torth society is a twisted reflection of our own. Emotionless individuals strive for power in a system where...