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Dark End of the Street
Morrow, Oct 2002, 23.95 ISBN: 0060004606 Former professional football star Nick Travers teaches blues history at Tulane University. When his friend Loretta asks him to search for her lost brother, former blues singer Clyde James, Nick agrees though he suspects the man is dead after vanishing over two decades ago. Nick travels from New Orleans to Memphis to begng his quest. However, Nick quickly realizes that several other folks seek the mis...
Dirty South
Morrow, Mar 2004, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0060004622 Teddy Paris and Nick Travers, both former National Football League players, became friends during an exhibition season when the former stole or borrowed depending on who tells the story the latter's jeep. While Nick became a music expert and part-time Tulane instructor, Teddy partnered with his brother to the tune of a multimillion dollar rap music label. The two men remain friends with the comm...