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Life & Liberty
The series centers on how Daniel and his brother Quincy who are in Boston are drawn into the American Revolution in the early days along with the secondary characters of Roxanne, cousin Elliot and Murdock. This story starts out with Roxanne and Daniel being reunited outside of Concord, in a safe farmhouse. Roxanne has been busy spying and Daniel has been part of the Battle of Ticonderoga. But, before long Daniel is attacked by British officers, is lef...
Sons of Liberty
This is the first installment in the “Patriot” series. In this book the story of the events leading up to the American Revolution are portrayed as historical fiction. You follow the main characters and how they fit into the different sides of the issues. Daniel is reading for the Law at Harvard in Boston and his little brother (Quincy) has joined him and is going to another school to finish his education (high school). They are both from a farm...
Stars and Stripes
This is the final installment of the “Patriot Series” You will see Daniel and Quincy both become fathers. But, then both of their wives will encourage them (and Murddok) to continue to do what they can to help support the Patriots. In this case it means following their neighbor from Virginia to Philadelphia to make sure that he makes it safely, as he seems to think he is invincible, even though there are plots to not only harm him to but also steal ...