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Chinese Cinderella
Chinese Cinderella is a heartbreaking, story of a young Chinese girl who is disgraced and unwanted all her life by her own family. It is a sad memoir of Adeline Yen Mah's own childhood, growing up in the 1940s and 1950s and entering her struggle for acceptance from the time she was born to the age of fourteen. This is a story about how Adeline is ignored and considered bad luck by her family when her mother dies giving birth to her. When her rich dad r...
Chinese Cinderella And The Secret Dragon Society
Adeline was born into a family of prosperity and privilege. In the 1940s Shanghai, Chinese Cinderella or CC for short is sheltered from the harsh brutalities of the Japanese invasion in China. But after enduring abuse in the hands of her stepmother, CC is cast out of her home and seeks refuge at a martial arts academy where she improves her athletic skills and health. There, under the guidance of Grandma Wu and a troop of orphaned acrobats she is introdu...
Falling Leaves: the True Story of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter
Born in Tianjin (a port city a thousand miles north of Shanghai) in 1937, Adeline was the fifth child, but her mother died of complications after giving birth. Her father remarried a beautiful, imperious, and spoiled woman of half-Chinese, half-French heritage who proceeded to turn him into an unfeeling brute as well as make the children's life a hell. She had two children of her own but was just as inconsistent and mean-spirited with them as with her st...