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Judgment Calls
When a distant voice tells an Iowa farmer (Costner) to build a baseball diamond in the middle of his cornfield, he obliges to the request. Soon, Shoeless Joe Jackson (Liotta) and others return from the dead to play a game. Jackson hadn't played much since he was banned from the major leagues for participating in the Black Sox scandal of 1919. Even the novelist (James Earl Jones) shows up at the diamond. The phrase "If you build it, they will come" ha...
Missing Justice
Holt, Jun 2004, 19.95, 355 pp. ISBN: 080507392 In Portland, Oregon, Dr. Townsend Easterbrook returns home after working twelve hours to find his wife Clarissa, a minor administrative-law judge, missing. A shoe turns up outside the house and the family dog is found several miles away from their home. Soon Clarissa's battered body is located in an office park. Following her harrowing case in which her life was threatened (see Judgment Calls),...