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Animal Instincts
Following the sudden death of his father, the owner of an animal sanctuary and nature reserve in the English westcountry, Kit Lavery returns home from Australia, where he has been for the last ten years, to sort out the family estate. Though he does not intend to stay long, on arrival he finds two very determined women, Elizabeth Punch and Jess Wetherby, both passionate about saving animals and the countryside, in charge. They realise that he is les...
Only Dad
Tom Drummond is joint runner of a restaurant in the south of England, with aspirations to be a writer, while his wife Pippa runs a herb garden. One summer they decide to go on holiday to Tuscany, taking their 16-year-old daughter Natalie (Tally). Everything is fine, until one morning Tom and Tally are shattered to wake up and find Pippa, who always enjoyed the best of health, has died from a sudden heart attack. They return home to rebuild their sha...