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The Plague
The citizens of the French-Algerian city of Oran live without passion or meaning in their lives, but then the plague hits. Seen through the eyes of Rieux, a doctor who has to live through the ordeal without the comforts of his family or even news from them, this book shows how an entire society can be changed completely within a few months. Rieux tends to the fallen, witnesses the deaths of his own friends, and, like his fellow citizens, learns the true ...
The Stranger
Mersault's mother dies. Outwardly an average young man, he shows no grief at the funeral, he seems disconnected from the entire event: people notice. He does not understand himself, his life, or his surroundings: he has no direction and has no judgment or motivation. He sees and hears and touches but he does not properly feel: all things seem outer to him. He cannot connect with his girlfriend, and the man next door is so clearly a dangerous crook, but ...