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Along the Road
Although Aldous Huxley is now best known for his famous sci-fi novel, 'Brave New World', he lived such a varied life that he is always an interesting biographer. 'Along The Road' covers the experiences and sights of his time on continental Europe as he lived in Italy in the 1920s, and France in the '30s and travelled extensively. (Similarly, when he lived in California he wrote 'Beyond the Mexique Bay', which about the wilds of Central America.) This boo...
Brave New World
A young man is brought out of a "savage" reservation, where he lived somewhat like an American Indian, into an advanced and controlled, and seemingly happy and wonderful, society. He must chose to become part of that society or embrace a more natural human existence....
Eyeless in Gaza
Eyeless in Gaza is the story of Anthony Beavis and his circle of friends and acquaintances, from childhood to mid adulthood, mainly in the first decades of the twentieth century. The storyline is non-sequential, with the events shuffled, so that each chapter picks up the strand at a different point in the characters' lives. Anthony Beavis, as a boy loses his mother and is raised by a comically pedantic father who delights in etymology--fascinating to...
The Genius and the Goddess
Aldous Huxley, 1894-1963, a contemporary of C.S. Lewis, brother of Sir Julian Huxley, and grandson of the famous T.H. Huxley, took a first in English at Balliol College, Oxford. He is now best known for his science fiction oriented future vision, 'Brave New World'. In this short novel, a tale of love and desire published in 1955, he displays his outstanding ability in dialogue as two older men recount their relationship with the genius-professor of q...

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Time Must Have a Stop
Sebastian Barnack, the youthful protagonist in Aldous Huxley's Time Must Have a Stop, is a gifted poet in his teens. He is also uncommonly handsome, with an angelic face framed with curls. He despises his sweet baby faced looks, and their contrast with the serious, poetical genius he regards himself, rightly, to be. His father is a comically dour, stern, uncompromising lawer who espouses socialist politics, and secretly resents Sebastion's resemblenc...

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