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Beastly is about a mean guy named Kyle who is cursed to become a beast by a well-meaning witch and how he breaks the curse through love. As a mean joke, Kyle Kingsbury, the most popular student in his high school, asks an unpopular girl named Kendra as his date to a dance, but then turns up at the dance with another date. Kendra, who is a witch in disguise, puts a curse on Kyle that turns him into a beast. Because of an inadvertent act of kindness that K...
Breathing Underwater
Nick Andreas, a a sixteen year old, is good looking and a popular athlete at his school. His father makes a pretty good living and this allows Nick to enjoy many luxeries. At the start of the year, Nick begins to seek a relationship with Caitlin. Caitlin has always been unpopular until this year. She has lost a lot of weight and is emotionally insecure from a lifetime of obesity. They begin their relatinship. Through a series of events, including je...