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The book begins with the life of Queen's grandfather, an Irishman in Ireland, and it eventually leads up to the accounts of her life. Queen is a mulatto; her mother, Easter, is a black slave who does the weaving on the plantation, and her father, Jass, is the white massa of the plantation. Queen would have had a kinder life if she were born a boy, or maybe even darker skinned. As it happens, she is born with light skin. This is dangerous in the s...
This is a story about about an African girl searching for her roots. Kunta Kinte is her great grandfather who lived and worked on a white man's farm. The book shows what Kunta goes through when his girl child is sold to another white man. She is raped by the white man and she gives birth to his children .All of this is quitely borne by White man's wife. Later on one of her children becomes White man's horseman. The book clearly shows what Africans went...
The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Malcolm X's story of his transformation from petty criminal Malcolm Little to the international figure for black rights he was at the time of his death. Malcolm X tells the story of his life of personal reinvention from criminal to political revolutionary. X is born Malcolm Little in 1925. He will abandon this surname years later when he learns that "Little" was the name of a slave owner who gave his last name to his slaves, including Malcolm's grandfath...