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Killing Cousins
Pocket, Sept 2003, 9.95, 240 pp. ISBN 0743463323 When the two Texas women C.J. Wallingford and Maude Stowe get on the hotel elevator, a pleasant looking man joins them. The two ladies, who are wearing a lot of heavy gold jewelry and earning a lot of money, think nothing of the extra passenger even after he whips out a stiletto and cuts them to threads. After he robs them he dumps their bodies on the floor where the hotel laundry is done. The...
Little Sister's Last Dose
Pocket, April 2003, 9.95, 256 pp. ISBN 0743463315 Felix Novak and Soraya Navarro were the best of friends as were their fathers who were partners in the New York Police Department. During a drug bust, Billy Navarro is killed and Franklin Novak is branded a coward for not backing him up. Franklin's wife leaves her husband taking their two children to a rural Oregon town where they learn to hate their father. At nineteen, Penelope Franklin com...