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The main character, Ariel was given the ability to fly without any device. He and his young friend escape from the school they were confined in. In the course of the events Ariel learns that he is an Englishman, and was put in that special school in India because he and his sister have a lot of money, and that he was given into custody to people who want that money. ...
Professor Dowell's Head
Mari Loran, a nurse, gets a new job at the office of Professor Kern. Her responsibilities are quite a shocker: she is required to take care of a living human head, separated from the body and kept alive with the help of complicated equipment. Mari recognizes the head as that of Professor Dowell, recently deceased, who was known for his experiments with reviving human organs taken from dead bodies. Kern confirms that the head is Dowell's and orders Mari t...
The Amphibian
A strange sea creature appeared in Rio de la Plata bay. It was half man and half frog, which made strange sounds at night and slashed through fishing nets. When the pearl divers on board his schooner saw the sea creature riding a dolphin, Pedro Zurito decided to catch it with a net and force it to dive for pearls. He almost succeeded, but the sea creature cut through the net at the last moment and swam away. Then he and his helper, Baltazar, dived in the...