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The Count of Monte Cristo
Edmond Dantes is a middle class sailor in Marceilles, France, who is about to be promoted to the captain of the ship and to marry the girl he loves, the beautiful Mercedes. All these happy hopes collapse when Edmond is betrayed by the people closest to him, including his best friend, Fernand. Edmond, wrongfully accused and thrown in jail. During the 13 years he spends in the Chateau d'If, Edmond turns into a totally different person. He goes from con...
The Three Musketeers
Young D'Artagnan of Gascony leaves his home to travel to Paris to join forces with the kings army named Musketeers. Once there, he encounters a plot to discredit the Queen and King of France. This plot is headed by the Cardinal Richelieu who is being helped by another by the name of Milady. Milady is the wife of Milord, who is in love with the Queen. D'Artagnan, along with his new musketeer friends Athos, Porthos, and Aramis foil each attempt that the Ca...