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The Computer Connection
Twenty years after _The Stars My Destination_, Bester returned to fiction with this book, about a time in the future when a band of immortals -- eccentrics from Lucretia Borgia and Captain Nemo to Edison and even a Neanderthal Man -- band together to combat the threat when one of their newest members is taken over by a computer hooked up to all other computers and electrical appliances across the planet. The narrator Guig (short for "Grand Guignol") lead...
The Demolished Man
In the year 2301, the latent mind-reading abilities of humans have been developed to the point where there a hundred thousand Level 1 "Espers" (can read conscious thoughts), several thousand Level 2s (can read unconscious thoughts) and several hundred Class 1 Espers (can penetrate to the pre-conscious under the right conditions). In a society where people have such abilities, nobody has successfully committed a triple-A crime in more than 70 years. But w...
The Stars My Destination
By the 25th century, three inner planets of the Solar System and eight satellites farther out are inhabited, and many humans are able to teleport themselves some distance across a planet (though not across space) simply through mental effort. Gulliver ("Gully") Foyle was a simple mechanic aboard a space ship that was attacked by an Outer Satellites raiding party and left a bombed-out hulk. Barely alive, he hailed a passing space ship but it ignored him, ...