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After This
Mary finally marries and starts a family, after years of taking care of her brother and father. Mary and John raise four children who come of age during the Vietnam War . Mary Rose , single twenty- nine and a virgin lives at home fulfilling the matriarch role of taking care of the household. Mary Rose resides with her father and adult brother and takes on the role her mother left when she died. Mary Rose's life is filled with routine of working at as a...
Charming Billy
Billy Lynch, the central character, is an alcoholic who has just passed away as the novel begins. As his friends and family gather to mourn Billy's passing it is revealed that Billy died from alcoholism. Through the words of his best friend Dennis the reader learns that years ago Billy fell desperately in love with an Irish beauty named Eva. Billy and Eva make plans to get married, and when Eva returns to Ireland Billy sends a large sum of money for h...
Child of My Heart
Living in Long Island, the 15-year old daughter of upwardly mobile parents,invites her young cousin, Daisy Mae to spend some time in the summer with her while she babysits for several families and their pets. Black marks on Daisy's legs soon evince signs of a serious illness which the two girls keep secret to allow Daisy to remain on the island. They become involved in the lives of the families they work for, especially with Flora, the two-year old daugh...