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Alice Randall Message Board 1/1/2012
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Ada's Rules: A Sexy Skinny Novel
This novel is the story of a fascinating heroine who takes control of her life and loses weight. She not only sheds the pounds but discovers a whole new world by doing so. This is the story of Ada Howard who is the wife of the preacher at Full Love Baptist Tabernacle. Set in Nashville, we see Ada navigate through a world she knows and loves. In addition to being the preacher's wife, Ada is mother to a grown set of twins, caregiver to her ailing parents a...
The Wind Done Gone
Billed by its publishers as a "parody," "The Wind Done Gone" tells the tale of Cynara, the half-sister of Scarlett O'hara of "Gone With the Wind" fame. Featuring references to characters found in Mitchell's honored classic, the book presents an alternative look at life of a mulatto as she attempts to balance life during Reconstruction. The book can spawn discussion, even if nothing more than about Randall's unusual narrative style, alternately poetic, t...