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Does She or Doesn't She
Delilah Levine is a part-time soap opera writer, whose husband, Jason, has taken to yelling at her when he's not simply ignoring her. Her only joys are her daughter, Sadie, and the elaborate fantasies that she has about her plumber, Ford. Jason is a corporate lawyer, in charge of a new product, an aphrodesiac called Biosensual. However, the drug is known to have some strange side affects. When Delilah accidently sends her new soap opera script with some ...
Does She or Doesn't She?
Delilah Levine is trying to write television soap opera scripts at her Manhattan home while juggling with her grade two daughter's schedule and household chores. Sadie keeps arriving a school late, the other mothers see Delilah in her pajamas and there is never any dinner on the table in the evening. Delilah's lawyer husband, Jason, is too preoccupied with his company's new secret product called Biosensual and does not help other then criticize Delilah...