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Clothing company vice president Annabel "Poe" Lee needs a change. That means telling her recent fling, Patrick Coffey, that it's over. Patrick is the mysterious dark younger brother of her partner and the man who dropped a lot of money for a date with her at the Bachlorette Auction back in October. In theory, it's an easy task. In reality, Patrick's the best lover she's ever had, so saying goodbye is tougher than she'd thought. But, Poe has just gra...
No Strings Attached
Chloe Zuniga is a VP of Girl Gear. The company wants her to tone down her image as a party girl who will go out with anyone. She asks her close friend Eric Haydon, a jock and bar owner, to be her steady date for three company events. He agrees if she will grant him three wishes. She tells him no sex then promptly breaks her own rule. Afterward, she panics because her emotions are getting involved. She is afraid that he will rule her life like her father ...
The Beach Alibi
Kensington Brava, Jan 2005, 7.99, 116 pp. ISBN: 0758206747 Engineering project consultant Kelly John Beach realizes he botched an assignment when he failed to notice the camera inside the wall clock that taped his illegal break and entry into Marian Diamonds. He was seeking proof that the firm was fronting a Spectra operation involving stolen diamonds from Sierra Leone. His espionage associate Tripp Shaunessey suggests he needs an alibi to prov...
The Shaughnessey Accord
Kensington Brava, Nov 2004 ISBN: 0758206704 In Manhattan Tripp Shaughnessey of the Smithson Group is bored and a bit envious that his friend and fellow member of the elite five, Christian Bane, has had success with covert operations against Spectra. Perhaps the only thing he is enjoying at the moment is flirting with Glory Brighton, owner of a sandwich shop. While Tripp obtains a delicious kiss from the restaurateur, Danh Vuong leads other th...

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