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A Dangerous Inheritance
This story follows the life of Katherine Grey and her distant relative Kate Plantagenet. A series of militaristic and royally led coups bring Lady Jane Grey and her younger sister Katherine Grey to London where Jane becomes the 9 day Queen, only to be executed soon after for unlawfully accepting the crown. Katherine's world crumbles to pieces when she is left in London to live in the court of her onerous cousin, Queen Elizabeth I who considers her a thre...
The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Six women were married to the infamous Henry VIII, king of England: Catherine of Aragon, a Catholic; Anne Boleyn, clever, ambitious, proud and manipulative; Jane Seymour, demure, sensible and warm-hearted; Anne of Cleves, unattractive, but with enough sense to escape her marriage not only unscathed, but as an independent woman of means; Catherine Howard, young and appallingly stupid; and Catherine Parr, intelligent, opinionated and patient. Weir expl...