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Day after Tomorrow
A doctor sees the man who murdered his father twenty years ago. A LA cop is helping Scotland Yard solve some murders where the victim's heads have been surgical removed. These are some of the threads to a sinister nazi conspiracy that spans two continents and that threatens the free world. Folsom propels himself in the leagues of Ludlum, Forythe and Jack Higgins in this action-packed and chilling thriller that packs more violent action, intrigue then ...
Day Of Confession
Harry Addison's cushy LA lifestyle is turned upside down after a telephone call from his long estranged brother, David, a priest at the Vatican. Having learned of his brother's death after the phone call, Harry travels to Rome to bring back the body for a proper burial. It is during this period that his life takes on nightmarish proportions as he inadverdently becomes involved in murder, policical and religious clandestine operations, the behind the scen...

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