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Advise and Consent
The President of the United States nominates a questionable candidate for the position of Secretary of State that's being vacated under suspicious circumstances. The Majority Leader is given the responsibility to ramrod the nomination through the Senate. A southern Senator has different ideas. And so do others...but their pasts catch up with them. An evil occupant sits in the White House who's used to getting his own way, at whatever the cost to himself,...
Anna Hastings
Anna Kowalczek comes to Washington D.C. for her first journalism job just as the United States is getting into Wprld War II. She becomes friends with three other novice journalists, all of whom eventually become successful. Anna is not satisfied, however, she wants to start her own paper. To this end she marries Gordon Hastings, a rich senator from Texas, and using his money begins building a communications empire. She persuades her friends to j...