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The Lost Baron
Martin, an adventurous young man, and Rosamund, an intelligent noblewomen, work together to help the people and combat the evil lord The Lost Baron is a tale about the adventures of Martin, the chivalrous, honorable son of a poor knight. As a teen he journeys to his uncle's castle and meets his new family; his shallow-minded Aunt Florence, sweet young cousin Rosamund, and brave Uncle Eric. Martin also meets Basil, a mysterious and reclusive friend of Eri...
The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow
Rolf, a superb archer, seeks to clear his name and avenge his father's murder. Rolf, an expert archer, lives with his father and mother in Iceland. They struggle to make ends meet, their grand house being the last remnant of their former glory and wealth.  The father, Hiarandi, attributes their misfortunes to a family curse. Rolf does not believe in magic or witchcraft but soon realizes that they are indeed threatened, and everyone plots against them.  ...