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Ally Blake Message Board 1/1/2012
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Faking It To Making It
A hardworking Australian financier who refuses to settle down has finally met his match when he makes a deal with a statistical whiz he meets on a dating website. Nate Mackenzie is a charming attractive man who owns a hugely successful investment firm in Melbourne, Australia with his best friend Gabe Hamilton. He has set up a profile on a dating website called Dating by Numbers in an attempt to find a woman who will attend a wedding with him and pretend ...
The Dance Off
Nadia Kent is a professional dancer who is focused on making a career comeback, but falling in love with a handsome architect could completely derail her plans. Nadia is a dance instructor at the Amelia Brandt Dance Academy in Melbourne, Australia. She is temporarily working there while she prepares for her audition with a dance company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sam is a young woman who hired Nadia to give dance lessons to the people who will be pe...
The Secret Wedding Dress
Paige Danforth doesn't think romantic relationships can last forever, but a sexy man she meets in an elevator could change all of her preconceived notions about love. Paige is the brand manager for a luxury homewares company in Melbourne, Australia. She is pessimistic about falling in love and doesn't believe in "happily ever after" because of the devastating impact her parents' toxic marriage and divorce had on her. Paige's best friend, Mae, used to hav...