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Swedish Tango
Atria, Sep 2004, 23.00 ISBN: 0743476425 In the 1970s, Pablo Neruda asks movie star Octavio Ribeiro to teach Salvador Allende how to work the media while he runs for the Chilean presidency. Ribeiro pays quite a price after Allende's reign falls; thugs of Allende's opponent Pinochet abduct and torture his wife Salome to frighten Allende supporters and to personally make Octavio pay. After Salome is rescued, she, Octavio and their children receive...
The Lost Wife
This book starts off prior to World War II in the sparkling city of Prague. Lenka is from an upper class Jewish family, born amidst luxury and chooses to study art. When she meets Josef, the older brother of a classmate, the two fall in love and their story quickly takes a turn for the worst when the Nazi's gain power and this couple is forced into separation. While Lenka is at one of Eastern Europe's most brutal concentration camps, she must learn to su...