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A Cast of Smiles
This story is about a group of friends. Julian has just married Veronica but has doubts about his feelings towards her and marriage. He has an ex-girlfriend, Katherine, who is still obsessed with him and she seeks to right an imagined wrong with disasterous consequences. Gloria is a flirt and forever looking for a good time. Teddy is a good story teller and joker but never seems to have a girlfriend. George is a little slow in thinking and desires K...
A Family Man
Matt Webster, a 31-year-old London theatre critic, comes home one January evening to find his wife Kath has disappeared. Only after anxiously phoning friends and acquaintances does he find a note saying she is leaving him. He can't believe that she would abandon him and their four-year-old son, Josh. He finds a babysitter when he returns to work after leave of absence, and his widowed father from Yorkshire comes to help. Most of the family and friends...

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