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Honest Doubt
Ballantine, Nov 2000, 22.00, 272 pp. ISBN: 0345440110 Professor Charles Haycock, the Chair of New Jersey's Clifton College English Department keels over and dies at a party he is hosting at his home for faculty members. Most folks felt Charles' death was related to his heart condition, but his son suspects foul play, leaning towards his stepmother. The autopsy shows that Charles died from an overdose of digitalis. His son hires private det...
The Edge of Doom
Kate Fansler is a literature professor, lives with her husband Reed, a lawyer, in a city apartment, and is content with her life. She has three brothers whose lifestyles are quite different from her own. She is therefore slightly surprised when her oldest brother asks her to meet him at his club. He, in fact, wants her to give a blood sample for DNA testing. A man has shown up, claiming to be Kate's father. The DNA test reveals that this man is indeed h...
The Puzzled Heart
Kate Fansler is a private detective, but this time she is in trouble herself. Her husband has been kidnapped by radical right-wingers who threaten to harm him if she doesn't print an ad in the local paper renouncing her feminism. Kate does not want to do this as it would be harmful to her professionally, since she is a college professor at the local college, lecturing on feminism and women's history. She hires her own detectives and they are soon able...