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Carousel of Dreams
Leisure, Aug 2002 ISBN: 0843950390 They were dubbed the ABCs for as much for their first names as their competitive need to win. However, the most daredevil of the trio Charles Moreland has watched his lifestyle go up in the same flames that killed his parents, badly burned one of his sisters, and left him with a mountain of debt. Still the worse aspect is returning to Hidden Falls, New York after he seen and lived in New York City. While Ch...
Rainbows At Midnight
Leisure, Jan 2002, 5.99, 358 pp. ISBN: 0843949538 In 1911 Gold Landing's, Alaska, Sam Baranov needs a bride rather quickly though he does not want a wife in order to inherit his late father's shipping company. Sam's odious stepmother hid his inheritance including the marriage stipulation by the time he turns twenty-five, which is soon, from him. Instead Sam believed his sire left him nothing. Out of fear of marrying a Hilda clone Sam prefe...