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Abducted Heiress
Warner, Nov 2001, 5.99, 432 pp. ISBN: 0446610267 In 1527, the Earl of Angus arrives to take his five year old niece Molly Gordon, the Maid of Dunsithe and her infant sister Bessie away from their home. The little girls have no protector as their father just died and their mother is helpless to stop her brother, who plans to control the wealth of Molly, an heiress. Before being separated from her two children, Molly's mother uses a heated ri...
Highland Princess
Warner, Nov 2004, 5.99, 400 pp. ISBN: 0446614629 In 1366 intelligent Mairi MacDonald, daughter of the Lord of the Isles and King of Hebrides, meets Lachlan “the Wily” MacLean and his gigantic brother Hector at her father's court. Lachlan thinks that Mairi is the prettiest woman he ever seen and perhaps the most intelligent as she intercedes and helps prove a man innocent of a murder charge. He plans to make her his wife although her parents wan...
Lord of the Isles
When Hector "the Ferocious" Maclean rode into Castle Chalamine to seek shelter from a storm, he took one look at Lady Mariota Macleod and fell in love, for she is easily the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. Being a man of action, Hector immediately asked for the lady's hand in marriage and was accepted. He then rode home with an easy mind, intending on coming back in seven days for the wedding and to claim his bride. What Hector didn't...
The Secret Clan: Hidden Heiress
Warner, Aug 2002, 6.99, 432 pp. ISBN: 0446610321 In 1540 Scotland, following the King taking hostage his liege, Patrick MacRae risks his life for what he feels is the good of his country. He spies for Cardinal Beaton while searching for the missing heiress Bessie, assumed dead by most people. Lord Angus abducted Bessie and her sister years ago with the sibling Molly having just surfaced. In the woods with dogs at his heels, Patrick meets Els...

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