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A Dash of Scandal
Jove, Nov 2002, 5.99, 304 pp. ISBN: 0515134015 When Lady Beatrice Talbott tripped over her dog and suffered severe injuries, she sends for her niece Millicent Blair, but not to nurse her back to health. Instead Beatrice assigns Millicent to continue her Lord Truefitt's gossip column in the London Daily Reader. Though she loathes spreading gossip, Millicent would do anything including writing this column for her aunt. Millicent reports that t...
A Hint of Seduction
Berkley, Sep 2004 ISBN: 0425198002 Catherine Reynolds is in London with her much older sister Victoria allegedly seeking a match. But Catherine is really in town to learn the identity of her real father. One of three men rejected by her mother two decades ago is that rogue. Due to a couple of misfortunate incidents, Catherine cons Earl John Fine out of his horse. He already was attracted to her boldness and plans to not only get his steed b...
A Little Mischief
Berkley, Oct 2003, 5.99, 304 pp. ISBN: 0425192776 In her first year among the ton, Isabella Winslowe was a wallflower who watched her vivacious spinster Aunt Pithany stand tall and decided to emulate her beloved relative. In her second season, she becomes a popular figure declining several offers of marriage. However, Isabella noticed other wallflowers and decided to provide encouragement thorough a reading team to help them improve their dynam...
A Taste of Temptation
Andrew Terwillger, Lord Dugdale, has returned to London after securing his finances from a crooked clerk who worked for him. Eager to resume the ways of a notorious rogue along with his friends known as the "Terrible Threesome", he instead finds himself alone, since his two friends have fallen in love and married, which he vows he will never do. Olivia Banning has traveled to London with her Aunt Agatha, who claims the spirit of her dead lo...

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