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Tammy and the Private Eye
Tammy Jones wants to be a private eye, but she's so shy she has a hard time talking to people, let alone asking super-hunk Detective-boss Pete Hunter for a promotion. So she sits in the typing pool, until Hunter needs a double for movie star Mariatini. Tammy has the build, but can she become an outgoing movie-star type? It's Hunter's job to transform her--but neither can guess how she is transformed or what she will become. Tammy needs all the strengt...
Tornado Bait
Trailer park manager Tina Anderson becomes a suspect when her boyfriend's body is found dead in her bead. When it turns out that he was a private investigator, Tina wonders about her ex-husband who sent him, and about whether there is a killer living in her complex. With her friend Angie, Tina sets traps (that mostly trap herself), tries to bail herself out of prison, and explores the dark side of Dallas Texas. Available exclusively from BooksForAB...