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Awakening Beauty
Lane Douglas has ran away from her life of wealth and fame as Elaina Honora Giovanni to settle anonymously in the quiet town of Bradford. She has been hurt and betrayed by her family when they have been exposed having connections with the Mafia which has been publicized by a lover she trusts. Now in this peaceful town, she sets up a bookshop and slowly regains back her life until fate again intervenes. Lane doesn't want any attention from anyone much mor...
Having His Baby
Angela Justice at 30 suddenly yearns for a baby of her own. She is tired of only hugging her nieces, she wants to hug her own child. She has lost hope of waiting for Mr. Right and the person she loves, Lucas Ryder, her bestfriend, has a negative view on children. So she takes charge of her pregnancy by having artificial insemination. She doesn't tell Lucas her plans. Although they are close and begin way back in high school, she knows that he will get ba...
Hit Hard
Sam Wyatt and the rest of the Dragon One team members are commissioned to retrieve uncut diamonds that have been circulating in the black market of Sri Lanka. It has been rumored that the diamonds are to be used to purchase weapons for the terrorist group in the country. When they have been following up clues from different snitches, Sam meets an American woman named Viva Fiori who has been fighting off a bandit leader from stealing a priceless artifact....
Thunder In The Heart
Disguised as a Sioux woman, Sable Cavanaugh treks across the wild western wilderness, along with her infant nephew, in search of his father, an infamous Sioux war chief. She enlists the help of Hunter McCracken, an Army spy turned trapper, to guide her to her "people". The Army wants the baby to lure the Sioux chief into their clutches, so Sable's sister Lane, captured by a different tribe, then later rescued by and then married to the Sioux chief, and...

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