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The Bonesetter's Daughter
This is a story of China in the days before and after the revolution, and an age-old story of the tension between mothers and daughters that is so difficult to define and so easy to identify with. Ruth Young and her mother, LuLing, have a tortured but magnetic relationship, a bond that involves superstitions, ghosts and criticisms that come close to destroying Ruth both as a child and as an adult. Her mother's daily fear of the ghost of her mother, w...
The Joy Luck Club
The Joy Luck Club was a club between four women during World War II in China; to escape the daily struggles and perils of living in this difficult time period, four ordinary women met to play mah-johng, talk, and strive to believe that good times would soon arrive. Later, as the women moved on with their lives to America, they realized that many of their intentions--their hopes for their children--could not be realized for a variety of reasons. They st...
The Kitchen God's Wife
This novel is about Pearl Louie and her mother, Winnie. The complexities and tensions between a mother and daughter are subtle, yet poignant at times. Tan describes the trials of being an immigrant in the United States through the character Winnie, and the problems of growing up torn between one's racial heritage, and one's national heritage (being born in the United States as a minority). The story is moved along by the discovery of a family "secret"...
The Opposite of Fate
Amy Tan reveals the events of her life that spurred her to write her most notable novels, The Kitchen God's Wife and The Joy Luck Club. She credits most of the rather eccentric, twists in her novels to real-life incidents that had happened either to her mother or herself. Tan's mother is described as a woman bogged down by many secrets from her past life in China, and a captivating woman deluded with superstitions. These secrets and superstitions shap...

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