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The Frasers: Clay
Pocket, May 2004, 6.99 ISBN: 0743469941 In 1865 Vermont widow Rebecca Elliot makes it to Independence, Missouri where she plans to join a wagon train heading to California where her brother lives. Though she purchased a wagon with mules, she learns that single women including widows are not allowed on the wagon train as they cause too much of a dangerous distraction. She needs a husband by the morning or she will be left behind. Though she f...
The MacKenzies: Cole
Avon, Dec 2002, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0380820099 After prospecting in Alaska for a few years together, Cole Mackenzie says goodbye to his gold prospecting partner Pop O'Shea and the man's teenage daughter Maggie in a stop at Seattle. Cole heads to San Francisco while Pops and Maggie travel to Lawford, New Mexico. Two years later in 1898 Cole receives a telegram from Pops, pleading with his former partner to come quickly, as he needs help. Cole...
The MacKenzies: Jared
Avon, Mar 2002, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0380820072 In 1895 Kathleen “Kitty” MacKenzie knows it is time to leave her universe, her family's Triple M Ranch after two years of mourning the loss of her beloved husband Ted. Kitty travels to Dallas where she learns from a family member that Jared Fraser needs a governess for his twin daughters Jennifer and Rebecca as he recuperates from injuries sustained in India. Though not confident she can do the...
The MacKenzies: Zach
Rose Dubois, a Harvey Girl, wants to marry for money and doesn't count on falling in love with Zach MacKenzie, whom she thinks is an outlaw. He's really a Texas Ranger. Zach is out to get the bad guys and doesn't count on falling in love with Rose. Together, they must work together and fall in love in this wild west romance. ...

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