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Tor, August 2002, 24.95, 382 pp. ISBN 0312864566 In Evelon, a civil war amongst the Elves led to the losing side escaping through the Gate into another world where they promptly conquered the land and enslaved the native humans. Each Elvenlord has his own estate with human slaves bound to him by a magical collar and spell. However, the world is in a state of chaos because the Elvenbane, a female wizard was able to get the half bloods to revolt....
The Elvenbane - Halfblood Chronicles 1
The book starts out with Serena Daeth. She has been betrayed by her rival and has become pregnant by an Elvenlord. This is punishable by death. She has escaped into the desert to give birth, get rid of the child and then return to her elvenlord. The child is saved and raised by a dragon. She is eventually returned to her people but is forced to hide the fact that she is a halfbreed. She later joins other halfbreeds to free humans from the rule of the elv...