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The Snack Thief
Viking, May 2002, 21.95, 298 pp. ISBN: 0670032239 At about the same time a Tunisian patrol boat kills a worker on an Italian fishing trawler, an unknown assailant stabs to death a retiree, Mr. Lapecora, in the elevator of his apartment building. Montalbano is assigned the local homicide while his Lady Macbeth-like ambitious superior Mimi Augello takes “public” charge of the international incident. Montalbano seeks Mr. Lapecora's house cleaner...
The Terra-Cotta Dog
Viking, Nov 2002, 19.95, 192 pp. ISBN: 0670031380 Small time drug dealer and brothel owner Gege Gulotta arranges a meeting between his old schoolmate Sicilian police inspector Salvo Montalbano and Mafiosi big shot Gaetano "Tano The Greek" Bennici. Tano asks Salvo to fake a raid and arrest him because he needs to go to the hospital for an illness without losing face among his peers. The simple performance of acting out the arrest of Tano almo...
Voice of the Violin
Viking, Oct 2003, 21.95, 249 pp. ISBN: 0670031437 Sicilian Inspector Salvo Montalbano is already irritated after taking a skin lashing from his live in lover Livia over a setback in their efforts to adopt Francois of THE SNACK THIEF Francois. Now Salvo is in the shotgun seat on a drive to a distant funeral that he does not want to attend. Salvo has a new issue to cope with when he finds the body of a recently murdered young woman. He begins ...