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Bride of the Fat White Vampire
Ballantine, Aug 2004, 14.95, 420 pp. ISBN: 0345464087 In New Orleans, the High Krewe of Vlad Tepes commands Doodlebug Richelieu to appear before them. They stun him when they show him two comatose female vampires; one without her arms and the other without her legs. The Krewe wants the killer stopped so they order Doodlebug to find vampire Jules Duchon who has the ability to locate and kill the rogue. The only problem is that Doodlebug knows t...
Fat White Vampire Blues
Jules Duchon, native New Orleans vampire—a 450-lb, working class, underachiever—is a rather oafish, free-range type of vampire—one who hunts for victims on the street, rather than one who operates some sort of racket to receive blood. (Other vampires in the book have devised ingenious ways to receive easy, regular blood donations without hunting and killing victims.) Jules has been in a slump over the past decade, but he does not seem to mind his exist...