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Septimus Heap Book One: Magyk
Ordinary magician Silas Heap and his wife Sarah are about to have their seventh child - the seventh son of the seventh son, a very magical circumstance. Unfortunately, the midwife tells Sarah the baby is dead and whisks away the body. On the same night, Extraordinary magician Marcia Overstrand presents Silas with a baby girl, telling him to raise it as his own. It is only later that they learn that this very night the queen has died, the old Extraordi...
Septimus Heap Book Two: Flyte
Flyte, the second Septimus Heap novel, begins a year after the conclusion of the first book, Magyk. Septimus, the young new apprentice to Marcia Overstrand, the Extra Ordinary Wizard, is getting used to his duties as apprentice such as retrieving needed equipment for Marcia's ShadowSafe. This is needed rid her of a nasty shadow constantly mimicking her every mood and growing bigger and more noticeable as the days move on. One day, Septimus receives a...