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A Private View
"A Private View", a 1994 novel of Anita Brookner, plunges the reader into familiar Brookner territory: the streets of London, including suburbs and restaurants, and the French Riviera, with its dazzling sunsets and indifferent waiters. his time, the protaganist is a 65-year old retired businessman faced with retirement without his longtime friend, Putnam, who died suddenly, just as the two were about to embark on a trip to the Far East. George Blan...
Hotel du Lac
Hotel du Lac is a novel set in a resort in Switzerland where a writer, Edith Hope, goes to escape the passion of her feelings for David, a married man in London, with whom she is engaged sexually. Trying to "cool off", she soon is enmeshed in a social contrtemps with other visitors to the hotel: Mrs. Pusey, a rich widow, accompanied by her unmarried daughter, Jennifer, and a successful businessman who entreats her to marry him. This dreamy, abstra...
Making Things Better
This is a story of an elderly British man who is engaged in a solitary quest to assign meaning to his life before he dies. The protagonist is exceptionally introspective and spends much of the novel reflecting on his past experiences. His reflections on aging, contemporary life, familial relationships, and alienation are incisive, beautifully worded, and startlingly accurate. ...
The Bay of Angels
In her latest novel, "The Bay of Angels", Anita Brookner explores again the mother-daughter relationship, this time set against the background of the French Riviera. Zoe Cunningham's isolated intimate relationship with her mother, Anne, is interrupted by Anne's second marriage to Simon, a much older man, and Anne's move to Nice where Simon owns a garish mansion. Zoe continues her life by attending university and taking up with a boyfriend, Adam, wh...

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