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But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
In this sequel to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Lorelei Lee tells the story of her friend Dorothy in classic Lorelei style. Dorothy grew up in a carnival company, went through the hands of a prominent local reformer, and then moved to NYC, where she became a Ziegfield Follies girl and then a professional companion to wealthy men. Lorelei also updates the reader on her own life. The book resonates with the same kind of humor and insight as Gentlemen Prefer...
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Lorelei Lee is "just a simple girl from Little Rock, Arkansas" who manages to charm the world (or at least a significant portion of the wealthy male population in New York, London, Paris, Vienna, and "Buda Pest") in her search for diamonds, money, male companionship -- and, oh, incidentally, opportunities to improve her brains. With her girlfriend Dorothy Shaw, who is even dumber and more loud of mouth, Lorelei gets into and out of more scrapes and close...