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Chilly Scenes of Winter
A modern Catcher in the Rye tale of an alienated, underpaid youth struggling with family (i.e., a mother who spends much of her depressed days in a bathtub and a semipathetic step-father who makes corny but well-meaning attempts to salvage family relations), love (i.e., the longing, paranoia, obsession and pain hauntingly familiar to anyone who has experienced a realtionship in their twenties) and life (i.e., subtle details and hilarious truths). ...
Walks With Men
Jane is twenty-one and a new graduate of Harvard where she was valedictorian of her class. Jane is prepared to be a student a bit longer. Intrigued by Neil, a writer she meets during an interview for the New York Times she is flattered by his interest. He's twenty years her senior and they negotiate the terms of their love affair. The stipulation, Neil will answer any question, becoming her information guru, as long as what he shares is not traced ...