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An Adorable Couple
When Laurel is made editor-in-chief of her high school yearbook, she has trouble handling her new authority. She finds it especially difficult to work with Matt, a new boy at school, when she finds herself attracted to him, and they have a disagreement over an aspect of the yearbook. Laurel wants to remove the "Adorable Couple" category of the yearbook, for fear she'll be in it as her parents were twenty-five years earlier, and like them (she thinks) f...
Summer Replacement
As a favor, Cathy eagerly agrees to pretend she is Dan's girlfriend for the summer when their families vacation at the same beach. With a background of sun, surf and sand, they develop a friendship that is on the verge of turning romantic, when who should arrive but Lisa Kendall, Dan's old girlfriend! In three days, Lisa ruins Cathy's relationship with Dan. In retaliation, Cathy feigns interest in Steve, Lisa's handsome older brother. But soon enough Cat...
The Perfect Guy
Rebecca, a high school sophomore, figures that after her mom marries her crush's dad, she'll move into his house where she'll be charming and witty and Pres will see her as more than just his younger stepsister---he'll realize he loves her as much as she loves him. Rebecca volunteers to write the school play that her step-father will be directing, thinking that she'll not only get closer to her step-father, but that writing a starring role tailored t...
The Real Me
The Real Me is the story of Mattie, who feels as though she is the only 16-year-old girl in Waterside, Connecticut who has never had a date, and, because of her lack of self-confidence, is afraid to even try to look pretty or try to get a boyfriend. But with some "doctor's orders" and help from friends Walt and Erwina, tormentor George, and dream guy Kevin, she begins to discover her real self and find her first romance....

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Walk Softly
When Gwynne is forced to leave New York City and all her summer plans for a personal makeover to visit her cousin Neeta in Oregon, she can't believe she's being sent to "the middle of nowhere." What's in Oregon anyway, besides trees and bears? And what's this about a monster called "Bigfoot?" Gwynne wonders how she'll ever survive her trip to the wilderness. It isn't long, however, before cousin Neeta wonders how the wilderness will survive Gwynne...

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