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Fall On Your Knees
James Piper is an 18 year old piano tuner who falls in with a 13 year old girl named Materia. Materia's father disowns her because she is married to someone outside of her culture. Together, James and Materia have three children, Kathleen, Mercedes and Francis. Kathleen is sent away to New York when she is 16 to study opera singing. Here she has a lesbian affair. James catches her with Rose and rapes Kathleen. James takes Kathleen back home to Cape Breto...
Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet
This play centers on Constance Ledbelley, an academic at Queen's University who has been plugging away at her thesis. Her thesis is that Othello and Romeo and Juliet were originally comedies that Shakespeare turned into tragedies through the removal of the Wise Fool. As she explains in Act I, Scene 1: "What if a Fool were to enter the worlds of both Othello and Romeo and Juliet? Would he be akin to the Wise Fool in King Lear? A Fool who can comfort a...
The Way the Crow Flies
HarperCollins, Sep 2003, 26.95, 722 pp. ISBN: 0060578955 RCAF officer Jack McCarthy, his wife Mimi, and their two children twelve years old Mike and eight-year old daughter Madeleine have been stationed in West Germany for years. However, in 1962 Jack is been reassigned to the Centralia Air Force Base in Ontario. The family quickly adjusts and is happy to be home. Jack is assigned the job of safeguarding a Soviet defector until the scientist...