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Gracelin O'Malley
Gracelin O'Malley grew up in a small village in Ireland. Her family was poor, but they were happy and survived. When she caught the eye of their English landlord, Bram Donnelly, she was whisked away to become his wife and the lady of the manor. She had to adjust to her new role and please her husband, whom she was becoming less and less fond of. She quickly became pregnant and gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, although only the girl survived. A...
Leaving Ireland
NAL, Nov 2002, 13.95, 378 pp. ISBN: 0451207076 In the 1840s, Gracelin O'Malley realizes she must flee her homeland Ireland after killing a Brit. With her husband dead, Gracelin accompanied by her daughter sails for New York and her brother Sean with her only regret that she is forced to leave her infant son behind. The oceanic voyage is a nightmare with many of her fellow passengers dying from the subhuman conditions. American Captain Reinde...