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Bel Canto (Thriller/Action)
This interesting novel delves into the human side of people under stress. A birthday party is arranged for a Japanese business man in a South American country. A famous opera singer and the country's president are invited. The president doesn't come. The singer does. South American terrorists invade the party and hold the quests hostage in exchange for the president. The red Cross sends a mediator to negotiate a peaceful settlement. From this poin...
Bel Canto (Literature)
Famous international businessmen and heads of state have gathered in a Latin American mansion to listen to the performance of Roxanne Coss, a world-renowned opera star. As Coss finishes her final aria, the building is overtaken by a band of revolutionary terrorists. In the ensuing four months in which they are held hostage, the prisoners form relationships with the terrorists (two of whom they are surprised to discover are young girls). These relati...