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Model in Flight
BLURB FOR MODEL IN FLIGHT. They came from opposing ways of life. How could they hope to be friends or form a relationship. But Willow should have remembered her grandmothers favourite saying "Never judge a book by its cover." She did this the moment she saw Taj, and what she saw was totally wrong. He looked tough, untidy, someone she didn't want to know or associate with. But inside Taj Holland was pure marshmallow. For Taj, Willow was h...
The Wandering Minstrel
The moment Jody stopped and picked up the hitchhiker she knew he was going to be trouble. Doing something as out of the ordinary as stopping in the first place was already trouble. But a man like James was trouble with a capital T. He was cynical and world weary, she was just starting out on the road to a career. How could they hope to have a relationship. How could their lives hope to intertwine. With the help of a precocious little girl and a...